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  The Biz: Wikimedia The Dreaded Day:  Today is the day that I have been dreading for the past month. I knew it was coming, but part of me hoped that it never would. I have been warned about the difficulty that lies ahead of me. I've been told about all the horror stories from those who have done this before me, but I must do what I must do. I am beginning to doubt myself. Am I even capable of doing this? Am I strong enough? My hands are shaking in fear as I pull out my pen and paper and write Organic Chemistry I at the top of my paper. The Best Day!:  It is finally time, Graduation day! Author's Note: I decided to write my two stories about the highs and lows of college. For the first story I wrote about my anxiety for my upcoming summer class, Organic Chemistry. I have heard so many things about ochem, but mostly how hard it is and how much it matters for medical school admissions. Then I decided to write about the most exciting and rewarding day of college that everyone look
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Microfiction Stories

End of the World: Pixabay Population Control: The year is 2070. The world's population is 12 billion and continues to grow. The United States government was overthrown only a few years prior and all of their secrets have been released. A cure for cancer had been found in the year 2011 only to kept away, But that wasn't the only population control plan found during the revolution. The United States had been poisoning us for years, causing the human lifespan to be drastically shorter than it could. Once all of these measures were stopped the death rate dropped drastically and the human lifespan increased by what is estimated to be 50 years. But now we are running out of room. The Sequel:  The scientist have estimated the world only has a few months left before it becomes completely unlivable. Fresh Water has become almost nonexistent and climate change has made growing crops impossible. China has found a way to send people to Mars. So now we must all fight to get on one of rocket

Reading Notes: Inayat Twenty Jataka Tales, Part B

 The Goblin Town Goblin: Wikimedia  Plot: Main Events: There was a ship wreck leaving 500 men stranded on an island that they thought seemed wonderful. What they did not know was that they were only drawn in by the magic of the goblin woman who lived on the island. After living on the island for some time one of the men awoke to voices that he could only imagine came form goblins, after looking out the door his suspicion had been confirmed, the women of the town were in fact goblins and he was in fact chained by their magic. He ran to tell the others some believed him, some did not. They had no way to escape when suddenly a flying horse appeared to save them. the ones who believed the enlighten man climbed on the back of the horse and left and the ones who did not believed him stayed.  Character Chart Goblins: Liars, deceiving Enlightened Man: Scared Flying Horse: Hero Moral of Story: Overall the moral of the story is that looks can be deceiving and things are not always what they seem

Reading Notes: Inayat Twenty Jataka Tales, Part A

 The Guilty Dogs Dogs: Plot:  Main Events: After a day of charioting the king goes inside the palace, the horses go inside the stables and the chariot and leather straps are left outside in the rain. The dogs of the palace saw this as the perfect opportunity to destroy the leather straps and that they did. Angrily the King commands that all of the dogs of the city be killed for this "crime". All the innocent city dogs went to their chief worried for their life and then the chief went to the palace. At the palace he convinced the king to test his palace dogs to see if they are in fact the guilty ones and after feeding them kusa grass and buttermilk they all began to throw up the leather straps. This proved to the king that the city dogs were innocent and from then on they were treated like royal dogs.  Characters:  King: Quick to judge, Unaware Chief Dog: Loyal, Determined Moral of the Story: You should not jump to conclusions but instead you should investigate before

Week 11 Story

Drive in: Wikimedia  The Teenager Who Couldn't Stop Talking: "Whatever you do, don't make a sound" my twin sisters said in unison as we pulled into the drive in theater. I had begged them to let me go to the "R" rated movie with them the whole week and they finally agreed. I loved hanging out with my older sisters, they always tried to make me feel included even though I am younger than them. The only problem is I am only 13 so I am not old enough to get into the movie without a parent present. Because of my age, my sisters had hid me in the floorboard of the backseat with a load of pillows, blankets, and snacks. I could hear the ticket booth worker talking to my sisters. They asked for my sisters' IDs and explained that they had busted over 10 underage kids trying to sneak in. They all laughed and began to make fun of the "stupid" kids who had been caught. I began to feel my heart beating out of my chest and I felt the air under blankets getti

Reading Notes: Babbitt - More Jataka Tales: Part B

 The Elephant and the Dog : Ellen C Babbitt An elephant : Plot:  Main Events: There once was an elephant who was owned by the king. There was also a stray dog that lived near by that went to the elephant's stable to find food. He went to the stable everyday to eat the food that the elephant had left over. After a while the dog and the elephant became great friends and they did everything together. They ate together, slept together, and played together. One day a farmer approached the Elephant-Keeper and offered to by the dog. Because the Elephant Keeper did not care for the dog he sold him to the farmer. From that day forward the elephant would not participate in his daily activities like eating and bathing. When the King got word of this he sent someone to investigate and when it was determined that the elephant was lonely because of the dog the King requested that the farmer bring the dog back and he would buy him back. Then the elephant and the dog lived happily ever af

Reading Notes: Babbitt - More Jataka Tales: Part A

 The Stupid Monkeys : Ellen C Babbitt Monkey: Wikimedia Plot:  Main Events: There was a King who gave all of his people a day off as a holiday. However the gardener of the King could not take the day off because if he did not do his job even for one day, all the trees would die. The gardener came up with a plan to ask the garden monkeys for help. The monkeys accepted the gardeners duty of watering the trees while the gardener went out. Before the gardener left he told the monkeys to make sure they get enough water but not too much. So when it was time to water the trees the monkeys did not know how to tell how much water to give each tree, so they pulled the trees out of the ground to look at the roots to get a estimate of how much water each tree would need.  When the gardener returned he noticed all the trees that the monkeys had killed by pulling them out of the ground. Character Chart: Gardener: jealous, tired, desperate Greatest weakness: Wanted a vacation with his friends Monkeys